Monday, June 21, 2010

Prof. Dr. Allama Nasir ud-Din Nasir Hunzai – Pictures

Today when I checked my FaceBook account I found something very strange, this is about Hunzai Culture. I hope most of the people will be very fimilar with the name of Prof. Dr. Allama Nasir ud-Din Nasir Hunzai. He done great work in Burushaski language and highly acclaimed writer on Burushaski language. He was born in 1917 in Hyderabad, a small village of Hunza.
Prof. Dr. Nasir al-Din Hunzai also receive the award of Sitarah-i-Imtiyaz on 23 March 2001 from the President of Pakistan in recognition of his outstanding service in the fields of literature and scholarship. Further more he interpreted the Qur’anic verses from a new perspective (Well I don’t know which is the new perspective). He is the author of more than a hundred booklets on spirituality. He was the first writer to coin the terms ’spiritual science’, ‘monoreality’ and ‘thousand wisdoms’.
Dr. Nasir is also a Sufi poet and writer. He has written numerous books on the topics of the Qur’an, Islam, Sufism, Isma’ilism and spirituality in general. His books have been translated into EnglishFrenchSwedishPersianTurkish, and Gujarati.
This is all what which I found from the Online resources (I’ve also mentioned the URLs). Besides all this What I found online, now I want to share some thing very shocking, may be this is hunzai culture but being a muslim we are not allowed to do this what Dr. Nasir is doing in the above pictures:
Some people say that this is the Hunza Culture and these things are allowed in Hunzai (Ismaili) Religion. I am not giving my opinion, but I need your’s so please comment!

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